Do right… but not right now

Philip Morgan

“Oh me, oh my-oh
Look at Miss Ohio
She's a-running around with her rag-top down
She says, I want to do right but not right now.”

—Gillian Welch, "Look At Miss Ohio"

You certainly have standards. Some questions about them:

  • Can/do you relax them?
  • Are there principles or heuristics that guide when you relax them?
  • Who designed your standards?
  • What purpose do your standards serve?

I've noticed that I’ll relax my standards to gain learning, constrained of course by ethics and law.

I'm pretty sure many of my standards were designed by me at around age 7, when I had some kind of personality-defining experience that evolved into an irritable sort of perfectionism combined with a desire to have my way. And then there's the ever-present feeling of dissapointment combined with starry-eyed idealism in the mix too. :)

The idea of standards has more starch in it than the idea of taste, but this Ira Glass clip, which I've shared before because it's so evergreenexcellent, is relevant to those who build and take risks with standards in the mix: