Don't underestimate how lazy your clients are

I just spent $50 to buy a bombilla (a straw used to drink tea made with loose leaf Yerba Mate). Here it is:ImageIf you know anything about bombillas, you know this is the equivalent of spending $20 for a cup of coffee. It’s a premium price.In a lot of ways, I’m rather thrifty (I’m mostly a value shopper). So why did I spend $50 on a stainless steel straw to drink my hippie tea?It was a perfect storm of three things:ImageI was frustrated with my current bombilla. It clogs all the time and makes it very un-fun to consume Yerba Mate.I was feeling lazy. Summer’s here and I just didn’t feel like doing a ton of research on the perfect replacement bombilla–one that wouldn’t clog up.And that’s where familiarity comes in.Some time ago, I got on the email list of a company called Circle of Drink. They’re fellow Drip users, and perhaps what’s what drew me to join their list. I’ve probably been on their list now for 6 months.I don’t even really read their emails anymore. But when I’m skimming through my inbox, there they are, every few days.ImageYeah, I read the first few emails they sent. But after that, I tuned them out and let SaneBox do its thing.Until today. Until I was fed up with my current bombilla and ready to freaking solve this (admittedly First World) problem once and for all.That’s when I went to Gmail, searched for Yerba Mate, scanned the search results for an email from a familiar name, went to Circle of Drink’s site,found the most clog-proof-looking bombilla they offered (also their most expensive one, which is probably no pricing accident), and bought it.Do you think your clients are less lazy than I was in this situation? I’d bet money they’re not.Do you think they value familiarity less than I did in this situation? Again, my money is on them being just as influenced by familiarity as I was.That familiarity was created through email marketing and positioning.With a slow, steady drip of emails about one single thing (Yerba Mate-related products), Circle of Drink dominated a “money search” in my inbox. By money search, I mean one that happened right at the moment I was ready to spend cash to make a problem go away.I didn’t even remember the company’s name. My thought process went exactly like this:“Gaaaaah! I want to melt this bombilla down into molten metal, cast a sculpture of a middle finger with it, and FedEx the signed middle finger sculpture to the person who designed it!!! Now where’s that company that’s always emailing me about Yerba Mate products…?”Tell me again why you aren’t building even a tiny email list of buyers and emailing them something of value regularly? :)If it’s because your positioning isn’t dialed in, I can help with that: