Dries in one hour or less

Philip Morgan

So I'm building some bookshelf loudspeakers from a kit. Here's a progress photo:Progress photo of Overnight Sensations bookshelf speaker buildAnd you can see my mad soldering skillz in action here:Mad crossover-building skillz in actionWhen I bought some sanding sealer to prep the wood cabinets for the top coat of paint, I specifically bought a nasty, oil-based product because it's fast drying. The label says it can dry in less than an hour, and in actual use yesterday it dried in more like 20 minutes.There were parts of the overall building process that I needed not to rush. When I laid out and wired up the crossover (the thing pictured above that would look to most TSA agents like a homemade bomb), that phase of the process needed to be a "measure twice, cut once" operation, done with real planning, care, and a fair amount of precision.But when finishing the wood speaker cabinets, there's no benefit to waiting longer for a slow-drying finish. All a slow-drying finish would do is make the whole process take longer with no visible benefit.How about your client work? Are there parts of the process that--if shortened--would benefit your clients? Are there parts of the process, or entire projects, where reducing the time from start to finish would provide additional value, even if you have to cut out something that isn't as valuable as rapid completion?As a generalist, I could never really answer a question like this. All of my mental energy was being poured into multiple simultaneous learning curves.As a specialist, I've spent the last several years focused on developing better answers to a handful of high value questions like this one. In my Positioning Accelerator Program, I deploy every trick in my bag to make the process of moving from frustrated generalist to specialist happen faster with less emotional struggle.That expertise might be helpful to you: http://positioningacceleratorprogram.comClick here to get more info on this program sent to your inbox: /inquiry/positioning-accelerator-program/If you’ve been thinking about it and are curious about current availability, head over to: /positioning-accelerator-program/#availabilityTalk to you soon,-P