[DSMB] Recording of Email Marketing Mindset briefing

Philip Morgan

In case you missed it (or took my recommendation to not attend the live event if you didn't have questions), here's the recording of September's Dev Shop Marketing Briefing on email marketing mindset challenges: /dev-shop-marketing-briefings/dsmb-email-marketing-mindset/

The panel format made for a super interesting 80 minutes of diverse perspectives and insights:

  1. The unique collection of traits that make email a powerful marketing medium: 20:52
  2. Why Hau is using email marketing to simply be remembered at the right time of a 6 to 9-month long sales process: 33:17
  3. Thinking about breaking up with list subscribers: 47:50
  4. Why writing to your email list every day is easier than writing weekly or monthly: 1:06:16

Also... I mentioned this resource: https://joshuaearl.com/mindset

This is the best training I've seen on how to create an email course that sells.

Check that out at https://joshuaearl.com/mindset (not an affiliate link. I only promote stuff I believe has strong value, and this training from Josh definitely does.)

View the video or listen to audio of the event anytime here: /dev-shop-marketing-briefings/dsmb-email-marketing-mindset/


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