Philip Morgan

I've been getting used to having middle aged eyes.

Progressive lenses in my glasses, reading glasses, bifocal sunglasses, that kind of thing.

I’ve noticed that everything looks smallest when wearing glasses, and bigger with contacts and reading glasses. Like, literally. Objects seem to be physically larger with contacts and reading glasses.

This seems like a sort of dysmorphia; a distortion in how I perceive things.

It’s really noticeable when I change from one kind of vision correction to another.

What challenges is your business facing, and is there any sort of dysmorphia effecting how you perceive the dimensions, mass, or difficulty of those challenges?

Might they be easier than you’ve been fearing? Might the answer be to just get started?

With respect to specialization, the decision making workshop in Specialization School can help you just get started: /specialization-school/part-1-decision-making-workshop/

It takes what can be an overwhelming process of deciding how to specialize and breaks it down into 4 weeks of simple, easy steps. One recent graduate called it a “data-backed decision”. That’s a pretty great way to describe the outcome.