Email publication tech stack

Philip Morgan

The next TEI Talk (number 4 of 18) happens live tomorrow at 10am Mountain time (reliable sources inform me that almost nobody thinks in terms of the US Mountain time zone, so that’s 9am Pacific, noon Eastern, and 3pm Cape Verde Time). Most of these talks thus far have focused on the structure of the TEI framework, how to think about creating value within this framework, and other such heady topics. Tomorrow, I’m going to talk tech: what’s a good tech stack for publishing daily emails to a list? What reduces tech friction sufficiently to make this practice sustainable? More screensharing, fewer diagrams like this:

If you’d like to participate in the live talk, you can just a) remember to show up at at GOTIME or b) RSVP or use the Add to Calendar link on this page to get a calendar reminder: All the previous talks in this series are archived here: /the-expertise-incubator/tei-curriculum/ I hope to see some of you tomorrow. Keep building; keep taking risks y’all, -P PS: The least-populated inhabited time zone on the planet has 8 people living there. The most-populated has close to 1.4 billion people living there: Maybe extreme diversity (and polarization) is a more normal situation on planet Earth than we'd prefer?