Philip Morgan

Adobe's 2018 Consumer Email Survey is interesting: a guess how much time people spend interacting with email on a daily basis, then go to slide 8 of that presentation for the answer.Are you back yet?OK, I can't resist, and I know only 5 or 10% of you clicked to check.It's 5.6 hours/day. That's the mean number of hours the survey respondents spent interacting with email.Five. point. six. hours. Wow!What does this mean for email marketing for professional services?Nothing new. Your emails need to be valuable to a specific group of people, same as it ever was. You need to have a distinct, strong point of view, same as it ever was. You need to give a shit about the people you're trying to serve, same as it ever was. You need to put a bit of your heart into it, same as it ever was. :)If you'd like help identifying the market you could specialize in serving, check out /specialization-school/part-1-decision-making-workshop/And if you'd like help understanding that market deeply, check out /specialization-school/part-2-deepening-marketing-insight-workshop/Registration for both workshops open now.-P