Events Of Note

Philip Morgan

My friend and podcast partner Liston Witherill is in the middle of accepting registrations for his Sales Sprint workshop, which he offers 2, maybe 3 times per year.

Rather than trying to help you master the value conversation (a worthy but difficult transformation), Liston focuses on helping you develop a systematic approach to sales (an easier evolution for most of us). Both goals are worth focusing on at different points in your business evolution, but the ideal starting point is becoming more systematic in your approach to sales. Pick that low-hanging fruit, people! :) More details:

Karl Sakas is running his free monthly Q&A later today. I haven’t attended one of these, but I know Karl’s a thoughtful guy with lots of experience coaching agency and dev shop owners through growth and operations challenges, so if you’ve got a burning question or want to meet others with running-a-team-challenges, this event could be valuable:

Keep building; keep taking risks y’all,