Everything All The Time

Philip Morgan

A core problem of the Internet is information oversupply.

Despite this, there are still opportunities to earn visibility online. A list:

  • Be more useful. This requires market insight, so that you know what would be more useful to a group of people.
  • Be a match for an information-filtering heuristic:
    • "Who has the most succinct, fact-based take on this?"
    • "Who seems to have a no-BS take on this?"
    • "Who can speak from strong experience about this?"
    • "Who is going to make gorging myself with information fun?"
    • "Who can I most easily remember as a source of information on this?"
  • Be ubiquitously present within a group. Make your own group if necessary.
  • Be more flammable so that you are suitable fuel for the engines that run on little sequential explosions, knowing that you'll become exhaust fumes quite quickly.
  • Seek the new+popular, where there is often a temporary reversal of the information oversupply situation.

There are more, but I'm aiming for 200 words or less in these daily emails. :)


Email title note: If you're looking for an energetic, "woohoo, Spring is here!" album, Band of Horses Everything All The Time would be my current suggestion. :)