Finding clients with problems...

Philip Morgan

Just a quick reminder that on Wednesday, October 26th at 9am Pacific, I'm going to interview Elliot Murphy of KindlyOps about how he successfully markets to clients based on a specific problem they have.

Elliot focuses on the problem of regulated data (stuff like data covered by HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley regulation) in the cloud. This is a problem that can show up in a variety of market verticals, which makes Elliot's market position a horizontal market position.

Horizontal market positions are typically more challenging to market to because a) clients may not be limited to a single market vertical b) clients may be reluctant to discuss these problems publicly which makes it very hard to find those clients.

Do you have questions you'd like me to ask Elliot? If so, hit REPLY and let me know. :)

Of course, you can also attend this Dev Shop Marketing Briefing live and ask Elliot yourself! I'll be leaving plenty of time for questions from those in attendance.

Sign up here if you want to attend live:

The interview will be recorded and published to /dev-shop-marketing-briefings/, so the real reason you might want to attend the live event is to ask Elliot your own questions about successfully marketing to a horizontal market.

Again, if you want to ask Elliot questions about how he's successfully marketed to a horizontal market, sign up here: The interview happens at Wednesday, October 26th at 9am Pacific.

Hope to see you then!

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