Fool me

Philip Morgan

List member Reuven sent in this interesting example of two things we talk a lot about on this list: 1) specializing 2) how you handle multiple "identities":

I'm a big fan of the Penn & Teller show, "Fool Me." I just (in the last few minutes) watched a segment from earlier this month, with a magician named Joshua Lazoff.

I decided to search for him online, and found two different Web sites:

- -- his main site, about him, booking, etc.

- -- a specialized niche site talking about him as a performer at weddings.

Now, I've never heard about or seen a magician at a wedding. But I'm guessing that some people have, and are looking for such a person. And when they search, bam! They get to his site.

I thought of you, of course, when I saw this, not only because he is specializing, but also because he's demonstrating that you can market yourself simultaneously in multiple ways. He doesn't only need to market himself as a wedding magician. It's one of at least two sites I found, and perhaps he has more, too.

Anyway, interesting stuff. And a talented guy, even though he didn't fool P&T.

Thanks for contributing, Reuven!

By the way, Reuven is a wonderful resource for developers who want to learn how to offer technical training services: