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What you are up to — notes from readers

I’m streaming a live talk today (9am Pacific/5pm GMT). The question I’ll be speaking to is how do you approach publishing during times of social or economic distress? I won’t have a recipe for you, but I’ll have a framework for thinking about this. To attend this talk, just show up at at go-time.
Jeff Gable is hosting a free webinar for med device Project Managers on how to avoid common mistakes when managing software development efforts for a new medical device. It happens Friday, November 20, 2020, 9:30am – 10:30am PST, and if you want to attend you can register here:
The videos from MapCamp 2020 are now available here: I previously linked to the YouTube playlist for these videos, but the above link is more nicely organized.
From Jim McDannald: “I help podiatrists grow their practices. My advisory services provide the knowledge and structure to build a marketing system that benefits their practices and patients.” Keep an eye on Jim; he’s somewhat new to advisory work and a good one to watch if you want to see someone grow an audience-based advisory services business:
From Alastair McDermott of Marketing for Consultants: “I’m doing ‘a month of livestreaming’ over on YouTube & Facebook. Its to challenge myself to proactively create content and get myself ‘out there’ after 8 months of being in reactionary mode. The livestreams are all related in some way to marketing for consultants, including positioning, web design, getting more website traffic, etc.” More details:
To share your news, projects, and events, fill out this mercifully brief form and I’ll share the relevant ones back to this list:
Keep building; keep taking risks y’all,