"Free Craigslist" mailbag

Philip Morgan

I ended up finding a taker for those speakers I was giving away for free on Craigslist, but--somewhat predictably--it was a hassle.

I got a few folks suggesting I should either AB test a free/paid ad for them, and some suggesting I should have just put a price on them and sold them. They're probably right, but oh well, maybe next time.

List member Brad is one of those who said "sell 'em!" and he included a great story about raising his prices that I think you'll enjoy (shared with Brad's permission):


Early on in my consulting career I was working very hard and not making as much money as I wanted to. I took a day away from the business to think about this problem and one of the questions I posed was, "Would I do this work even if no one paid me? If I won the lottery would I keep doing this?" After some self reflection I decided that I would! But I would make some changes. If no one was paying me I'd only want to work for the clients who had really big problems, challenges they couldn't overcome without my help. I wanted to work with clients who had a high level of commitment to the engagement (something that several of my current clients lacked).

I realized that I didn't have to win the lottery to make those changes -- I could simply charge more for my services! Then only people who REALLY needed my help would agree to work with me. I would have fewer clients, but make more money (sounds like a good deal) and I'd be able to spend more time, making a bigger difference for each client. Starting with my next prospect I doubled my fees and closed more business in the next quarter than I had in the last year.

I've been doing this 18 years now. I've found that the more I charge the more committed the clients are to the solution and the happier I am as a consultant.

Instead of giving the speakers away you should offer to sell them -- fewer flakes, more follow through._


Thanks for sharing, Brad!

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