Freelancers' Show Pirate Radio Edition

Philip Morgan

Jonathan Stark and I recently hijacked an episode of The Freelancers' Show and took things way off the rails.A listener who is also a member of this email list called it the "Pirate Radio" edition. I like that name a lot!We didn't have a guest, so we each made a quick list of the most common questions we get from mentoring and coaching students and talked through our answers to those questions.We only made it through about half of our list because we went into a lot of detail, but here are the questions we were able to cover:

  • How do you calculate a value price?
  • How do you specialize?
  • How do you get paid 100% up-front?

It's a fun episode, so check it out: we'll be able to do another Freelancers' Show Pirate Radio edition soon and get to the rest of our student FAQs.-P