Freeloading is good

Philip Morgan

Would you be interested in learning how to freeload like a pro?If course I'm having fun with the idea of borrowing somebody else's audience to promote your own ideas and build your own audience. That's what I mean by "freeloading".Imagine that you have just written a short, focused e-book on best practices around legacy Django code. You now have a thing you'd like to get attention for. The thing has real benefit to the right kind of people, but not many of those people know this new thing exists.A shortcut to getting attention for this thing is find an existing audience that would find your book interesting, arrange to appear in front of them, share a subset of the information that's in your book, and then directly or indirectly tell them about your book.I use the word thing intentionally, to keep this open-ended. The thing you might want attention for could include:A book, of courseAn idea that is somewhat unique to you and has value for certain prospective clientsA valuable methodology or way of doing thingsA somewhat unique benefit or experience you can provideThere are other possibilities of course, but those are 4 specific things you might want to borrow somebody else's audience to get attention for.My friend and colleague Liston Witherill is going to fill in the details on how you do this at my next Dev Shop Marketing Briefing on Wednesday, January 31 at 11am Pacific time.If you'd like to see him teach you all about this and grill him with questions about it, register and attend the live meeting: Dev Shop Marketing Briefing is free. Anybody can attend; send the registration link to a friend or colleague who needs this info if you like. We won't be pitching anything during this meeting. Just straight up, very useful info. These DSMBs are not like a typical webinar where presenters are on a digital stage and attendees are behind a veil of anonymity. Instead we're all in the same digital meeting room and can talk and discuss freely during the Q&A session (the last ~60 minutes). After you register, I won't remind you a bunch of times to attend. You'll register, you'll add the event to your calendar, and you'll attend or not. And if you attend, hopefully you'll drill Liston with lots of tough questions. Easy softball questions would be fine too, but Liston is hoping for some tough ones. :) I'll publish the recording later, so don't stress out if you want this info but can't make the call. The recording will show up unannounced at /dev-shop-marketing-briefings/ within a week or so of the call. If you need this info but can't make the call, sending questions to me by email ahead of time is fine too.If you want to attend, you need to register here: help improving your positioning or marketing? I offer a small group program to help you do exactly that: http://positioningacceleratorprogram.comKnow a self-employed software developer who might benefit from specialization? Send 'em this free gift! Details here --> /referrals/