Gettin sideways

Philip Morgan

A friend of mine in high school got a traffic ticket.In the part of the ticket where the officer described why the ticket was issued, he wrote: Gettin sideways.I still laugh when I remember this. I guess my friend was doing donuts in a parking lot or something.It might help to know that I grew up in rural North Carolina, and my first after school job involved picking up bales of straw and throwing them onto a truck.That's how people talk there. :)Before your marketing can be properly focused on your ideal client you need to be keenly aware of how they talk.

  • What problems are truly critical for them and which are merely annoying?
  • Is your client aware that there's a solution to the problem, are they aware only of the problem, or are they not even aware of the problem itself? (the latter is the hardest to sell to)
  • What special language do they use when describing their business?

The Market Research Handbook in the Complete Bundle of can help you figure this stuff out. It walks you through how to do research, which is the key to moving into a new market position where you have no contacts.Gettin sideways :)-P