A good week vs. a great year

Philip Morgan

Are you working on having a good week or are you working on having a great year?I posed this question to my social media followers recently and was surprised by the response.The responses fell into two tags: people who instantly understood what I was hinting at, and those who didn't.Here's what I was getting at: are you focused on immediate concerns (aka working IN your business) or on longer-term concerns (working ON your business)?I know that running a services business requires both. But the real problem is if you're so consumed by having a good week that you can't dedicate any time or energy to having a great year. In my experience, having a great year requires consistent work that feels HORRIBLY UNREWARDING in the short term.I once went 3 months without doing any marketing at all for my business. Cashflow cratered about 6 months later, to absolutely nobody's surprise.I wish I had some magic bullet solution for you. But I don't. If I did I guess I'd buy some Facebook advertising and be this guy:Image(Aren't any of those latop-on-beach dudes worried about getting sand in there?)But I do have a not-magic-bullet-answer-that-also-requires-real-work-but-actually-pays-off-handsomely: http://thepositioningmanual.com. If you're ready to start working on having a great year, check it out. I can't do the work for you, but I can help you do it more effectively.