Having a *thing* to promote

Philip Morgan

One of the benefits of productized consulting is that you have a thing to promote.Here's what I mean by that.If you're anything like I was some years ago, you're very uncomfortable with promoting yourself. If you define yourself as a generalist provider of [software development | design | copywriting | something else], then you compare yourself to a global pool of technical talent and wonder where you stack up. The focus is you and your technical skill in an area with very low barriers to entry.What would it take for someone to become a better React developer than you? They probably have access to the same learning resources as you do, and if they have more free time and drive than you do, what's to stop them from being a better React developer? Not much, and if they live in a lower cost of living area, what's to stop them from offering a lower price (better value) than you do? Not much...This is always in the back of the head of someone who promotes themselves and their skills as the product, and it leads to outright weird marketing messages because you search yourself for any tiny perceived advantage over commodity competition and try to amplify that in your marketing message.What if you were promoting something outside yourself? A defined, named service that is an entity outside yourself?How might that help you feel free to be assertive in your promotion without feeling like a self-promoting jerk?One of the benefits of productized consulting is that you have a thing outside yourself to promote.You're not promoting yourself defined as a commodity provider of technical services; you're promoting something that's more like a product. Its scope and price are well-defined, and it can improve over time, and it targets a unique need you've discovered in the market. In terms of what it feels like to promote, it feels very different than promoting yourself. It can be quite freeing, actually.My colleague Jane Portman has been delivering productized services for years now, and she's written what I think is a very useful manual to help others get started providing these kind of services.The book is titled Your Productized Consulting Guide, and Jane is offering members of my list a 20% discount on the book this week: https://gumroad.com/a/909816947Use the offer code PHILIPMORGAN20 on checkout to get 20% off any book package. That discount expires on Sunday, so do not tarry.-P