Having more interesting things to say

Philip Morgan

Let's get weird for a moment.I've had more interesting things to say to y'all since I made one simple change in how I do things.I bet if you replicate this change in your business, you'll see a similar result, even if not right away.Make a folder named Research in your main file storage location.That's all you need to do for now.What goes in there? That depends.What goes in my Research folder is:👉 Surveys I send y'all, and the results thereof.👉 An ever-increasingly standardized collection of information from clients. It's so extensive that a few folks have complained about how in-depth it is.👉 The spreadsheets that power [http://specializationexamples.com and http://trustvelocity.com](http://specializationexamples.com and http://trustvelocity.com).👉 Research I've done for my clients.👉 Anything else I think might help my provide better advice to those I seek to serve.**What might go in your Research folder?**I'd suggest you begin with anything that would help you provide better results or better advice to your clients. You might begin by writing down every unanswered question related to your work that you can think of.Even if you don't do that and all you do is create a Research folder that remains empty for a while, you might be creating a hunger in yourself. A hunger that leads you to discover, research, or learn things that help you deliver more advisory value to your clients.Good things could come from that!Who's with me? Who is creating a Research folder today with the intention to fill it with stuff your clients will pay a premium for over time?-P