"He is no different than you or I"

Philip Morgan

List member Nick shared the following:--_I've really been enjoying your newsletters and wanted to share with you something I just learned._My girlfriend just started working for a company that was a generalized consulting company for years.. They had about 20 employees but found themselves stuck year after year at about $2million in revenue.During this time they explored new technologies and areas they could be helpful through building small tools. One of the tools found traction and the company decided to abandon the "we do everything" approach and become the go-to company for the software suite they'd chosen.They're now known in the industry as one of the leaders. They're doing $60million/year in revenue and are up to over 300 employees around the world. Recently, the owners sold the company to a much larger firm, which netted all of them life changing paydays.I can't share any details beyond this, but wanted to let you add it as another success story for how little guys can do big things once they make the right moves.It was founded by a single owner. He is no different than you or I.---Well said!Want help becoming the "go-to" company for something clients want? --> http://positioningacceleratorprogram.comTalk to you soon,-P