"He shot himself in the leg. Twice..."

Philip Morgan

The phone rang. It was Whitney... again."I can't make it to work on the deck today. My brother just shot himself in the leg twice.""Uh..... Sorry to hear that. Is he OK?"---Whitney was an out of work, unlicensed contractor my wife and I hired several years back to build a deck for us. He and his brothers were really into guns.One day Whitney showed us this rifle he had been saving up for. IIRC, it was a 50 caliber rifle.I kept track--for the entire duration of the deck project he never worked more than a half day despite every effort to the contrary. If it wasn't a broken alternator belt on his truck it was an emergency room visit or his brother (literally--I am not kidding at all here) shooting himself in the leg. Twice.I don't really know how that works, to be honest. I'm guessing you get really distracted while pointing a handgun at your leg? And then after you fire the first shot the shock of it squeezes off a second one?Or maybe you sleep with a couple guns under the pillow with the safety off and as you and your lady are gettin' frisky one thing leads to another and before you know it you've shot yourself in the leg twice. Talk about friskus interruptus!Or maybe you've booby trapped your house to keep the boogie man from breaking in and you get carried away when your favorite sports team scores a point and while doing your victory dance you accidentally set off the booby trap and it only manages to shoot you in the leg twice?Like I said, I don't know how shooting yourself in the leg twice works.But I do know that the sweet taste of the great "deal" Whitney gave us on the deck construction cost was quickly replaced with a) a frustrating experience of actually getting the deck built b) a few hilarious stories like this one.Having the budget to do things right is such a wonderful thing. Whitney didn't have that budget because his market position was inexpensive out of work contractor who had to let his license lapse because he fell on hard times.If you would like to change your market position, I wrote a book that will help you: http://thepositioningmanual.comBang Bang!-P