Heart attack

Philip Morgan

Janis was one of the few Oregon coast natives that I met while living there who was nice to outsiders.She worked at the health food store in Lincoln City, and after she noticed that we weren't tourists (that took about 6 months), she warmed up to my wife and I.She told me about the time she had a heart attack.She was driving to work when she felt it coming on. She worked a few hours of her shift at the health food store before a co-worker noticed that she was sweating a lot. She told them she was having a heart attack and they somehow convinced her to go home where she spent another hour or so drinking an herbal tea that was supposed to reduce inflammation or something like that.I asked her how much the heart attack hurt. "A lot", she said, adding that "it also made my left arm numb". I forget where she rated it on the pain scale vs. childbirth, but I think she said it was pretty close.That's one tough woman!! I think she eventually went to the ER to get it looked at.5 years later when she told me this story, she was going great, although she doesn't drive much because she's worried about having another heart attack, losing consciousness, and hurting others in a car crash.If your business is pretty new, you will probably go through a painful, difficult period. Maybe it will be a protracted dry spell, an insanely busy spell, or one where you feel like you've lost your original drive and purpose.The best time to prepare for difficulties like that is now. This can help: http://thepositioningmanual.comTo your business' health,-P