Hell's Angels

Philip Morgan

I read in the local news that the Feds carried out a big raid on the local Hells Angels here in Sonoma County.First, I had no idea that the Hells Angels motorcycle club/gang was still a thing! Apparently they are. The article said they even organize events on Facebook!Second, I had no idea that some members of Hells Angels still did crime, but they sure do according to these federal indictments for racketeering and conspiracy involving murder, assault, robbery, extortion and witness tampering. I mean, I know that Hells Angels has a reputation for doing a lot of crime in the past, but I figured they'd moved on to more fancy, modern crimes like card skimming or Bitcoin fraud or something like that.Third, the big raid went down at a local bar called The Wagon Wheel Saloon, and I can't think of a more perfect setting for a law enforcement raid on a motorcycle gang. Just the name alone is perfect...The world is a massive, complicated place with room for all kinds of interesting things to happen. There's room for an old skool criminal motorcycle gang in Sonoma County, and there's room for almost any kind of specialization you can imagine.I can't guarantee that any given specialization will be a great fit for you because it depends on several factors. That said, I do know individuals who successfully specialize in providing services to honey bee-related businesses, handmade soap-related businesses, startups who are preparing for a capital infusion and needing specialized legal services, out-of-shape self-employed fathers, and that's just a short list of what I can easily remember at 6:37am.There's room in the world for you to specialize too.I'd be happy to help you plan for that journey: http://positioningacceleratorprogram.comIf you’ve been thinking about it and are curious about current availability, head over to: /positioning-accelerator-program/#availability-PP.S. Know a self-employed software developer who might benefit from specialization? Send 'em this free gift! Details here --> /referrals/