Hermit crab shell sizing

Philip Morgan

Wow, there just went 20 minutes!!I was doing some quick reading on hermit crabs to get some background info for this email and it turns out that there is a surprising amount of information online on how hermit crabs choose their shell.I found this bit particularly interesting:---As hermit crabs grow, they often outgrow their borrowed shell. When this happens, they have to “shop" for a new one.Hermit crabs can be very picky about the shell they choose. They want a shell that they can fit into completely in case they need to hide for protection.Sometimes hermit crabs that live together help each other find new shells. When a new, large shell becomes available, hermit crabs have been known to form a line by it from largest to smallest.The largest crab moves into the new shell. The next largest crab moves into the shell just vacated by the last crab and so on.---Reminds me of something I heard Gary Bencivenga say. To paraphrase:~~~Don't adjust the size of what you're asking for downward to fit the way you've been selling. Instead, you can simply change the way you sell to fit the price tag of what you want to sell!~~~In other words, if you're not great at marketing or selling, don't sell smaller projects or ask for less money in exchange for your value contribution. Instead, learn new ways of marketing and selling that match the value of what you want to sell!The first step in this change is positioning: http://thepositioningmanual.comHelping you upgrade to a larger "shell",-P