He's taller than he looks online

Philip Morgan

I've never met tomorrow's Dev Shop Marketing Briefing guest expert in person, but I have it on good authority that he's taller IRL than he looks online.

Here are several other things you may not know about outreach consultant Kai Davis:

  1. I've successfully used Kai's email outreach techniques to contact and ask things of people who are 10x where I'm at in my business. 10x audience size, 10x revenue, 10x as busy as me; it doesn't matter. Kai's techniques work.
  2. Speaking of 10x, Kai can formulate and deliver both good and bad puns 10x faster than anyone I know. He has a wicked good sense of humor.
  3. Kai has a secret past as both a Magic the Gathering card trader and an iPhone flipper. I think this has contributed to his effectiveness in outreach... somehow. :)
  4. Kai once moved to Portland, OR, lived there a few weeks, and then moved back to Eugene, OR because the burritos in Portland weren't up to his standards. OK, I'm kidding about that one. Protip: just know that if you ever hire Kai for anything, you may be able to negotiate payment in burritos. (Kai, I'm sorry I've exposed this strategic weakness to so many people.)

Kai's presentation is going to be on building better outreach lists. Ones that emphasize quality over quantity. Ones that have the right people on them so your research or outbound marketing is more effective.

A couple of things about tomorrow's briefing:

  • I don't advertise these events beyond my list. Dev Shop Marketing Briefings are not some generic, watered-down list-building shtick. Instead, I see where my Positioning Accelerator Program participants are struggling or asking questions, and then I find experts to give short, info-packed presentations on those topics.
  • In the program format I leave a tonne of time for questions from live attendees, for whom this is a sort of free, group consulting experience. If you need answers on building better outreach lists and have the time to attend the live presentation, that could be you getting that free consulting value streamed right to your computer screen.
  • I use Zoom webinar software so that (if you want to) you can ask your question via live interactive video and then ask followup questions. Again, I want this to be as much like a group consulting experience for you as possible.

This Dev Shop Marketing Briefing happens at 9am Pacific time on November 30th. That's TOMORROW, so if you want to attend live, don't wait.

You can reserve your seat for this free event here: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/fa17e3c4545c2843d746f627e8486654

As usual, I'll be recording the event and publishing it online, so if you're just going to be hitting refresh on Hacker News or trying to set up a date on Tinder instead of paying attention, you don't need to attend the live event. You can just watch the recording later with the rest of the slackers.

But if you want to ask Kai questions about improving your list-building skills live and realtime during the generously proportioned Q&A segment of this event, I hope to see your name in the little "live attendees" box in Zoom.

Reserve your seat here: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/fa17e3c4545c2843d746f627e8486654

Talk to you soon,

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