High frequency publication mailbag

Philip Morgan

I didn't intend to go on such a tear about high frequency publication, but I do want to share with you this email from Chris Ferdinandi:

_Feel free to share this if you think it will be beneficial, but I was VERY resistant to daily publishing, too. I felt my audience would find it overwhelming, too much, off-putting. And to be fair, some did.

BUT... any overwhelmingly larger number found it a marked improvement, and my subscriber numbers skyrocketed in the first few months of making the switch, and my open rates doubled, too. Why?

My articles became much shorter (out of necessity). Content that would be in one giant article was now spread across two or three.

This meant that opening and reading my emails was something you could do in a minute or two while drinking your morning coffee or two instead of something you'd have to devote a half-hour to. No more emails sitting unread waiting for "when I have time."

The benefits to both my readers and my business have been tremendous, and I truly recommend daily writing to everyone.

  • Chris

Chris Ferdinandi

Thanks for sharing that, Chris!

And if you want to see someone implementing a platform specialization quite well, check out Chris' work at http://gomakethings.com