How big is the apps market?

Philip Morgan

A mentoring program participant asked me how big the apps market is.I said, "great question! Let me look into that."And I did. Behold, a 21-minute analysis of two questions:

  1. How many entities are building a revenue-generating mobile app?
  2. How many entities have a revenue-generating app they'd like to rescue or dramatically improve?

Here's the video:To the 8 people who've asked me a market-sizing question, hang tight! :) I've still got your question on my TODO list and I'm super excited to get to it ASAP. You can probably tell I really like doing these market size estimates but they take time to do well. Naturally, mentoring program folks come first, which is part of why it's taken me a while to get back to you. Protocol is that I'll share my findings with you privately first, and ask you for permission to also share the video with my list (but of course you can decline if you feel the information is sensitive or private).One of the surprising things you'll find in is the concept that it's not how big your target market is, but how small it is. Learn more at exploration of the "proof train" concept resumes tomorrow,-P