How normal people earn trust

Philip Morgan

Some inherit trust. Some are freaky-good at earning it without trying.

The rest of us have to do it on purpose.

There are 4 ways we can earn trust on purpose:

  • We are insiders of some kind. Or we become insiders.
  • We are articulate (or become articulate) about our craft and people trust us because we are able to explain our craft/expertise well.
  • We understand the specifics of a desired change that our clients only understand in general.
  • We help people build a vision or new desire for something better.

Each of these 4 methods is based on stuff that is within your control. Things you can decide to do and practice and get better at doing.

On day 1 you might not be great at whatever method you are using, but with practice you can get better. Your practice and improvement will be amplified if you focus and specialize.

How specialization amplifies our ability to earn trust is the second major topic of The Positioning Manual for Indie Consultants. I'm summarizing the main points of the second section of this book in daily emails here, and you can buy a copy of the book anytime via Amazon: