Hungry people don't stay hungry for long

Philip Morgan

🎶 Hungry people don't stay hungry for long
They get hope from fire and smoke as they reach for the dawn

-- New Millennium Homes by Rage Against the Machine

I needed to get motivated for some serious house cleaning this past weekend, and I've been working my way through Rage Against the Machine's catalog, so I listened The Battle of Los Angeles (several times).

It worked. My bathroom floor is clean enough to eat off of now.

Anyway, what I love about RAtM is how powerfully they articulate a feeling of wanting to burn down an oppressive system--one that's so messed up that the only solution is to /dev/null it.

I don't think the /dev/null option is a good idea, but I suspect many people who voted Donald Trump into office here in the US last week believe that anything would be better than the status quo.

Somewhere in my Facebook feed I saw this:


I highlighted the text "seeing decent paying jobs go to China and other low-wage countries" because I think that's incorrect.

I don't think that's what people are tired of.

Nobody would be upset about losing their job cleaning toilets and instantly getting promoted to a better-paying, more enjoyable job. It wouldn't matter what happened to the toilet-cleaning job, as long as there was an equal or better option available to the person who lost that job.

Yeah, they might miss their friends at the old job, or have to commute slightly longer to the new one, or some other relatively minor inconvenience. But if they saw their life getting better overall, they'd be fine with it, right?

People are tired of not having options to make their lives better through better jobs. They're tired of feeling like their last good option was snatched away by forces outside their control and they're angry at the perceived causes of that loss.

As a self-employed person, you already have more options than the typical FTE because you can diversify your income across multiple clients and, most importantly, you've taken charge of finding your own opportunities.

You create your options.

If you've lost sight of that blessing, take a moment now to feel how wonderful it is. I'll wait right here :)

Narrowing your business focus gives you even more options. I know that seems paradoxical, but it works because it strengthens your appeal to a specific type of client, and almost no market is too small to keep you busy for the rest of your life.

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