I don't want no part of your tight-ass country club

Philip Morgan

I love how on the TV show Arrested Development anyone who puts on the "Franklin" hand puppet gets taken over by their worst repressed impulses and starts laying down some major smack-talk.ImageWhat's hilarious about the Arrested Development Franklin bits are how he breaks rules and offends everybody in the room.I can't promise to offend you next Wednesday, but I will be talking some positioning smack on a live webinar training with Janelle Allen.Janelle runs Zen Courses, and she's invited me to join her for a 2-part webinar on the subject of 1) using positioning to make a better online course and sell more of it 2) marketing approaches that work well for introverts, again with a focus on selling an online course.The first session will cover:

  • How to set yourself and your course apart from your competitors
  • The three things you must do before you market your online course
  • How to justify premium pricing for your course
  • How to discover what your audience needs and will pay for
  • Creating more effective website copy & landing pages
  • and more!

As you probably know, I do tend to get a little excited when I talk about positioning. But will I have a full on "Franklin moment" during the webinar and leave everybody's jaws hanging open with an inappropriate outburst?Only one way to find out: https://janelleallen.leadpages.co/how-to-position-your-online-course/