I know three jewelers

Philip Morgan

I know three jewelers and two of them are jerks.

Is this enough information to make an important business decision on?

So the full story here is I kind of know three jewelers.

One of them is a friend, Robert. He designed and cast this awesome belt buckle I've been wearing daily for almost 10 years. He's the jeweler I know who is nice.

The other two are jerks, at least in their communication with customers. I've been a paying customer of one of them and he's still a jerk in terms of how he communicates, and the other one was a jerk to my wife over the phone.

Are 66% of all jewelers are jerks?

Let's imagine I'm a software developer, and I've worked with these 3 jewelers and--despite 66% of them being jerks--they have consistently been my most profitable clients.

If I was thinking about specializing my business--possibly focusing on serving jewelers because they've been so profitable for me--how would I incorporate this information into the decision making about how to specialize?

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