I need a crowd of people

Philip Morgan

---đŸŽ”đŸŽ”_I need a crowd of people,but I can't face them day to day,I need a crowd of people,but I can't face them day to day.Though my problems are meaningless,that don't make them go away.I need a crowd of people,but I can't face them day to day._đŸŽ”đŸŽ”--- "On the Beach", by Neil YoungSelling your services consistently and predictably (aka, "having a pipeline") is much easier if you also have an audience.An audience could be the right 10 CEOs, thousands of software developers who view you as an expert, or some other mix of people who share a common experience, problem, need, or aspiration.As I think about why more people like you don't build your own (even tiny little) audience to help sell your services, the following common blockers come to mind:"If I get up on stage, won't somebody throw a rock?"Yes. Next question?ImageIt comes with the territory that if you step up and start acting like a leader, you will get questions and occasional not-constructive criticism.It's worth it, but I totally understand that you might need to take a deep breath before you actually do it."I can't build an audience of thousands, so it's not worth trying."Baloney!Again, the right 10 CEOs, or the right 10 lead developers in your audience could be all you need. It depends on your business. Of course some need an audience of thousands, but most don't. Yours probably doesn't."If I build an audience, will it take me out of my introvert happy place?"I'm probably in the 90th percentile of introverts, meaning I'm probably a bigger introvert than you are. :)I have an audience, too. And no, it has not taken me out of my introvert happy place. If anything, having an audience has allowed me to be as introverted as I want because I do business development on my own introverted terms."Whatever will I say to them?"ImageActually, after a while you can say whatever you want to an audience that you have cultivated.But at first, you need to pick one thing to focus on: a "neon sign" over the door to your email list, YouTube channel, or whatever digital venue you are using to host your "gatherings" with your audience.Choosing just one "neon sign" can be challenging. You are probably talented and curious, meaning that you have many things you could talk about. You need to choose well when you make this choice.I have a book that can help you choose the right "neon sign": http://thepositioningmanual.comTalk to you soon,-P