I need a nickname...

Philip Morgan

Sometimes I think I need a nickname.The best one that's surfaced thus far is "The Positioning OG". I'm OK with that one for now, but maybe there's a better one out there...Lemme know if you have suggestions. :)Recently I was interviewed by someone with an awesome nickname: One Click Lindsey (aka Lindsey Anderson).She runs the Traffic and Leads Podcast, and a while back we sat down to talk about... positioning, of course. Specifically:

  1. Strategies for narrowing your services and target clientele or audience
  2. Small incremental changes to your business versus overnight change
  3. Tools for estimating the size of a target market and comparing potential niches
  4. And a few other tasty tidbits

Check out our 32m conversation here:http://trafficandleadspodcast.com/leads-tip-how-to-find-your-niche/Sincerely,The Positioning OG