I'll make a marketer out of you yet!

Philip Morgan

I spent way too long today trying to remember this one sentence from the television advertisements The United States Marine Corps used to run when I was younger. It went something like this:

Give us a few months and we'll make you into a real man.

I'm pretty sure that's not the exact quote, but either way I was reminded of this commercial when Positioning Accelerator Program participant Leo recently said:

--- Thank you so much for everything, you bootstrapped a marketer in me.

My not-so-secret agenda is to help self-employed software developers become marketers.

No, not full time sleazy internet marketers. :) Just more effective at marketing their own services so they can be more choosy about which clients they work with. So they can build a robust pipeline of desirable work.

Part of what I think Leo meant is I'm helping him learn to think like a marketer. I've certainly noticed that more and more he just knows how to tackle marketing problems, like which topics to focus on in content marketing, and how to build content that he drips out to prospects to nurture them into clients. Leo's getting really good instincts about how to market himself online.

That's one of two things I help my Positioning Accelerator Program participants with. Sometimes they're looking for hands-on assistance with researching or defining a good market position. And sometimes they want help learning how to market themselves effectively. And sometimes it's a bit of both.

I only accept applicants who have read my book on positioning, because being willing to go very narrow in your marketing efforts is the linchpin of everything I help you do in the Positioning Accelerator Program, and also because I don't want to charge you $700/mo to do dramatic readings of chapters from my book.

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