Independently wealthy

Philip Morgan

I was speaking recently with someone who mentioned that their business partner, who is basically independently wealthy, is far more discerning about which clients to take on than they are.I know that for lots of us, the ability to say no to shitty clients is a luxury we have to earn, but I wonder--as a thought experiment--what would happen if we all suffered a mass hallucination where we believed that we were independently wealthy.Some of us would make bad decisions because the constraint of financial discipline would appear to have been removed.I guess some of us would even bankrupt ourselves.There would definitely be collateral damage.But I believe some of us would gravitate towards what we really want to do. The work we really can put our heart into. The clients we really want to serve.Some of us would say, "FINALLY! I can ____________!!!"I wonder if that benefit might be worth the collateral damage.Most days I think it would be.In reality, you can get to this place without collateral damage, if you play your cards the right way.For me it's literally been years since I've worked with a client I wasn't somewhere between happy and over-the-moon-stoked to work with. Most have been on the over-the-moon-stoked end of the spectrum.It took some courage, sacrifice, and work to get there. I'd be happy to help you do the same. If a private coaching engagement sounds interesting, check out: /private-coaching/-P