A POV layer cake example

Philip Morgan

Skating up to the clickbait line can be part of POV.

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Remember that a POV is a layer cake.

Here's an example. It's my description of one of Jonathan Stark's points of view:

Headline: Hourly billing is nuts

1-paragraph hook/argument: Hourly billing hurts both service provider and client because it disincentivizes speed and innovation. It hurts service provider because it deprives them of a fair share of high value outcomes. It hurts client because they don't know the true cost going in, so can't make a good ROI decision. This is why hourly billing is crazy (nuts).

[All the other detail and nuance]: Whatever Jonathan would say in a talk, podcast guest appearance, book, etc to support and expand on the above.

Notice the throughline of truth that runs from the headline through the rest of the layers of the POV.

It's possible that after hearing him out, you'd be ultimately unconvinced of Jonathan's POV. That's fine. When I say there's a throughline of truth, I mean he has a good argument that supports the kernel of truth in the headline.

That throughline of truth is what separates a strongly worded, intriguing POV headline from clickbait headlines.

Clickbait headlines use a ton of curiosity in the headline, but they lack that throughline of truth running from the headline down through the rest of the piece of content. They betray you in some way and you're left knowing that the headline was just a cheap trick to get you to click.

A strongly constructed POV will often skate right up to the clickbait line, but will stop short and maintain that throughline of truth from an intrituing, curiosity-inducing headline to the rest of the POV.

I think Jonathan's "Hourly billing is nuts" POV handles this masterfully. It's a strong statement. It induces curiosity. Those elements follow a throughline of truth into a reasonable argument with lots of supporting detail and appropriate nuance.

The upcoming online workshop on POV will create a space where you can explore and refine your points of view into what I hope becomes a similarly well-constructed layer cake. Sign up here: /pmc-csw-point-of-view