Book mastermind

Philip Morgan

Got a book project you're working on in 2020?

Quick tophat: Who is an authority to you? I'd like to learn, and will share what I learn with this list next week. Please take 60 seconds to tell me:

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Hey, I'm wanting to put together a small "mastermind".

  • A mastermind for people who will publish a book in 2020
  • Focus is very much on accountability/publishing/writing process for the book project, not general business accountability or hanging out as friends
  • Limit of 5 people (maybe we go up to 7 if there's strong interest, but we keep it small)
  • Mastermind ends after the last member's book is published or 2020 ends, whichever comes first
  • Maybe we convert it into a book launch/promotion mastermind after most members have published, maybe we don't

For this to make sense for you, you need to have a clear shot at finishing the writing/production/publication part of your book project in 2020.

BTW, does the word mastermind make anyone else's skin crawl? I can only really think of the Stonecutters episode of The Simpsons now when I hear that word.

Anyway, if you think this book publishing accountability group would relevant to you, please let me know a bit about you and your book project here:

I have no idea how strong the interest in this will be, so I don't know whether to treat this as something where I'll be lucky to see any interest at all or something that will need to have a strict vetting process. Thus the form. :)

BTW, I'll be a full participant in this group. And it'll be free to participate in. Might be obvious, but my motivation here is to build a small temporary community that helps me be on both the giving and receiving end of accountability/support as I work to get TPM v3 over the finish line.