Bottom-up flow

Philip Morgan

When did technology start flowing into businesses from the bottom instead of the top? From Best Buy rather than Bain & Company? From OWC rather than IBM? Seems like it was around 2008 that the flow visibly shifted and the iPhone seemed to really heighten the bring-your-own-device issue. I think this is a fascinating sea change. This article talks about how television shows are getting by with consumer gear. Not even really prosumer gear in some cases, but plain ole buy-it-at-a-mall consumer gear: I see this with some of my clients (and myself too). Our home offices do double duty as something like a basic television studio. With event organizers wisely cancelling IRL events through at least Fall 2020, those who speak in order to earn visibility and trust are looking at things like cheap LED lights + DSLR + cheap teleprompter -> HDMI capture card as as way to make their video look great but without it being ostentatiously great. Reminds me of this lazy but yet interesting interview with Scott Galloway, on how he uses a garden shed as a TV studio: That's another example of this bottom-to-top flow of technology. That's it. No larger point about business philosophy, and just a few interesting article links for you today. -P