Building a vision for change

Philip Morgan

I don't solicit testimonials for my high-end services (TEI, coaching, and the occasional consulting). So when a client takes it upon themselves to share one anyway, it feels special. Video link: Kyle has gotten a ton of value out of The Expertise Incubator because he's put a ton of work and heart into it. In about 12 to 18 months, he went from relative outsider to... well, it's hard to describe succinctly. Kyle is seeking to transform how the museum world thinks about serving constituents. He has the expertise, skills, and tools to help them do innovation research, but they have to cross a sort of worldview chasm first. And so Kyle spends a lot of time on his email list ( talking -- sometimes in extravagantly entertaining ways -- about this new worldview that his prospects could embrace. As Jim Camp would say, building a vision for this change. In about 12 to 18 months, Kyle has gone from relative outsider to appearing 4 times per week in the inboxes of (I think I've got this factoid right) over 50% of major museum directors in the US. And he's personally acquainted with almost every competitor he has in the space. Kyle has authority in the market, which flows from combining three ingredients: the aforementioned access + a clear point of view + expertise. He built all three of those ingredients himself -- in less time than it takes to earn a master's degree -- with consistent work, disciplined focus, and the guiding framework of TEI. It's really impressive. Keep your eye on this Kyle guy. He's going places. -P