Philip Morgan

I have learned a few things about cutting hair in the past few months.

For example, I have learned that if you cut away everything that doesn't look like the haircut you want, you might -- just might -- get the haircut you want.

(I don't know what the back looks like, but my wife hasn't said anything, so I assume we're all good there.)

Specialization can work the same way: cut away everything that doesn't look like the business you want.

This kind of cutting can be difficult. OK, let's be honest; it can be terrifying. "Will there be any kind of business left after I cut away the stuff I don't want?"

The validation we do in the specialization workshop (80% of the workshop time!) helps with this kind of fear.

The first workshop meeting happens this Friday, May 15. I'll take registrations up until Wednesday, then I need to cut those off.

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