Effective authority and lead generation

Philip Morgan

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The questions (two perfectly-matched ones that appeared adjacent to each other in the spreadsheet where my post opt-in survey stores responses):

  1. "For now... As a non-Dev... How to create content to build authority and improve lead generation. I guess that's two questions blended into one. ;-)"

  2. "How to do it effectively. While running my business."

The recommendation: Do whatever it takes to free up the same 10 hours a week. Find or build a niche audience and serve them generously and consistently. Make it obvious how they can pay for more of your help.

Here’s one tested way to spend that 10h/week budget. It won't work forever, but it works now:

  1. Make your LinkedIn headline into a simple positioning statement ($THING-YOU-DO for $MARKET-YOU-DO-IT-FOR), and your summary into a list of the problems you solve or the improvement you create.

  2. Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to find ~1k people who are prospects for your services or referral sources.

  3. Use a LinkedIn automation tool to invite those people to connect. Do not sell to them or drip them an automated sequence. Merely invite them to connect.

  4. Repeat 2 - 3 indefinitely.

  5. Write and publish on LinkedIn something meant to be helpful or thought-provoking 3x/week or more. Some of the audience you've built via steps 1 - 2 will see your writing. Some will seek your help if what you offer helps with an important need.

The caveats: The first paragraph above is the entire answer, but there's some important nuance:

Free up the same 10 hours a week means that you'll find and colonize some time on your calendar. Maybe it was used for client work, and you take a cut in billings so you can invest in marketing. Or maybe it was used for relaxation or entertainment, and you choose to work more.

Ideally it was used for client work and you find a way to become more profitable so you can invest more while working the same amount.

It works best if it's the same time slot each week so that you can build a habit. Find the time and protect it.

Find or build a niche audience means if they're already out there, join up and contribute. If they're not, build the audience yourself.

Where they might already be:

  • Forums

  • Slack channels

  • Facebook groups

  • Podcast listenership

  • Conference attendance

How to build the audience if they don't exist already:

  • Any of the above, except don't try to run a conference

  • LinkedIn connections

  • An email list you build

Serve them generously and consistently means that you might create content, or you might "merely" create connection.

If creating content, prioritize PoV or filling an information gap, and publish 3x/week or more.

Take action: Would you like more detail on that LinkedIn process described above? If so, please reply, I'll send you a payment link for $150, and when you pay I'll give you access to a Gdrive folder containing ~5 hours of video training on that lead generation process. It's worked really well for folks who are specialized and willing to do the work.