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Philip Morgan

My cat would like some social distance from me.

I was cleaning out the fireplace, accidentally left the grill open and looked away for like a second, and he gave himself a tour of the inside of the fireplace. He did not enjoy the bath.

He got over it, though.

May we all forgive others so quickly!

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TEI member Paul Swail has been publishing daily since joining the January 2020 TEI cohort, and he emails are really good!

You can see what he's been writing here:

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Paul's focused on the serverless platform, and he's chosen the perfect moment, I think, for a platform specialization.

Some platforms become "rising star platforms". Their popularity starts to surge faster than an ecosystem of support can develop around the platform.

This is before they've crossed Geoffrey Moore's chasm, so they're still seen as risky, outsider platforms by most. Their swiftly rising popularity among early adopters creates an information gap that you can step in to fill.

Folks who step in to fill this information gap can become overnight authorities: /indie-experts-list/indie-experts-pov-and-information-resources Because of their first-mover advantage, they're well positioned to serve as pillars within the whole product ecosystem that the early and late majority demand.

And finally, when the momentum starts to bleed out of the platform, their good timing has allowed them to to extract the majority of the latent value the platform offered, hopefully positioning them well to either move on to another platform or build a business that's well-matched to the commoditization that sets in as the platform matures.

Again, Paul Swail's emails are very good. Well-written, educational, and useful! Sign up to receive them here:

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I'm collecting resources that may be helpful to you and your business here: It's just a domain redirect to a Google Doc where I'm collecting these resources. I'll feature seleccted new additions to that list at the bottom of my daily emails.

Please email me with any contributions you'd like to see added to this list.


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