"How not to freak out about money now"

Philip Morgan

Mark Butler is a friend, and he's also a voice of reason and calm RE: money. He's a voice I want to amplify, especially now.

Mark is specialized in a slightly different market than you are probably in (he works with online coaches), but I think what he'll have to say when he delivers his webinar on staying calm and smart RE: money will be very worth listening to.

He's doing the webinar twice, on Friday, March 27 at 6:30am and 11am Mountain Time (tomorrow!). You can register here: https://mailchi.mp/7ab301d6df5f/webinar-with-mark-how-to-not-freak-out-about-money-right-now

If you're curious but hesitant, here's an example of Mark's style, from a really wonderful podcast he hosted for a while: https://themarkbutlershow.simplecast.com/episodes/62

Again, the webinar registration link: https://mailchi.mp/7ab301d6df5f/webinar-with-mark-how-to-not-freak-out-about-money-right-now

Keep building; keep investing, yall,