Make customers come to you

Philip Morgan

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I've gotten questions from y'all via my post opt-in survey. I'm answering the most difficult ones for you here.

The question: "How to make customers come to you?"

The recommendation: You can't.

This question touches on something hugely important. I'm going to guess that the usage of the word "make" -- as in compel or force -- was probably accidental. But if it was intentional and the intended meaning was cause/compel/force, then we're talking about a common, toxic attitude in marketing.

It's an attitude that comes from fear, at least when you believe your job or career is on the line.

You can't compel customers to come to you.

You can't "drive" traffic.

Here's what you can do.

  1. You can offer something that is worth the attention, effort, or cost it takes to act on it.

  2. You can earn visibility for your offer.

That's it. Those are your two degrees of freedom in marketing.

And critically, as you do the above, you can earn trust. Or... you can erode trust.

You earn trust by offering something that produces a strong ROI on the attention, effort, or cost it takes to act on it.

You erode trust by offering something that is barely worth the attention, effort, or cost. Or worse, by having the belief that you can "drive" traffic. That you can "make customers come to you".

Visibility for your offer has to be earned through relevance, uniqueness, and persistence. A point of view (PoV), generously filling an information gap, and good connections (access) are very helpful in earning visibility.

Go deeper: Seth Godin's book This is Marketing does a really good job of illuminating this idea despite the book's just a bunch of essays (JBOE) format.

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