Point of View online workshop

Philip Morgan

Point of View is positioning squared.

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Point of View is how you differentiate in a crowded or commoditized market.

Point of View is often how your prospective clients come to emotionally feel affinity for you; because you see the world from the same perspective they do.

From a marketing perspective, Point of View is considered an intermediate/advanced topic, but it doesn't have to be difficult to understand and implement.

I'm going to run an online workshop on Point of View from March - April 2020.

My workshops are experiential in nature. That's why they're usually 2 months long: to give you many opportunities between meetings to practice, experiment, and apply what you're learning. That's experiential learning.

I limit my workshops to 20 participants each. Each week we meet for 90 minutes in a Zoom video meeting. I don't lecture or dominate those meetings. Instead, I have structured them so that you have a safe but challenging space to share, further explore, and refine what you've experimented with in the previous week. Introverts feel comfortable being in the background and sharing their uniquely valuable insights when they're ready.

I'm not a PhD in learning or anything like that, but I have a ton of experience in how adults learn, deal with risk, and create change in their business. I incorporate that into how these workshops are structured so that you're equipped with practical stuff you can realistically implement.

There is "lecture" content in these workshops, but that's delivered asynchronously in the most compact, efficient form possible. Sometimes that's a short audio lesson, sometimes it's me talking through a slide deck in cases where visuals are important, sometimes it's text. I drip each of these batches of instruction weekly in order to avoid overwhelming you with stuff.

You can sign up for the Point of View workshop here: /pmc-csw-point-of-view

The price is $700

Meeting time will be weekly at 10am to 11:30 am Mountain time on Fridays, from March 6 - April 24. If you can make 80% or more of the meetings, the workshop is worth signing up for because I record the meetings and share (only) with workshop participants. If you're going to have to miss more than 20% of the meetings, I worry you'll miss too much of the value of the workshop.

If you have questions about this workshop, tap reply and let me know.

If you're ready to assign one of the remaining 12 seats in this workshop to yourself (8 have already pre-sold), you can do so here: /pmc-csw-point-of-view