"Ready, discuss, maybe-read" followup

Philip Morgan

Quick tophat: A client of mine has some availability. She's a marketer with significant open source experience and has done both product and software services marketing. Job preferred; gig could work. Reply if you'd like me to connect you to her.

• • •

A reader responded to yesterday's email were I discussed seemingly different conversational norms on different social media platforms. They pointed out that drawing conclusions about social media at this moment might not be the best timing. It's a charged moment, and people are acting differently as a result. Their point was well made, and I agree. It reminds me about one of the strengths of email marketing, which is the near-effortless conversion from public broadcast medium to private, intimate conversation with a click of the REPLY button. Conversations in social media are public. Sure, the reality is more granular than that on most social platforms (private groups, etc.), but the default assumption is that if you comment on a social media post, others can see and react to your comment. The default assumption with email is that your message to someone — even if it's a reply to an email list message — is not immediately visible to the rest of the world. This changes things. In email marketing, the reply button shifts the context from public broadcast medium to private, intimate conversation. This is powerful. Are you using this power as effectively as you could? -P