Resources on cultural change?

Philip Morgan

Do you have any resources on cultural change within organizations (mostly businesses)? If so, could you please tell me about them? This is a thing I want to learn more about.

Resources could include:

  • Books on the topic
  • Books on a different topic that surprisingly inform you on the topic of cultural change
  • Experts you know about
  • Email lists I can follow, videos I could watch, etc.

You get the idea. A quick reply with tips/leads would be much appreciated!

Reminder: I'm running a workshop on point of view next month. It's online, limited to 20 people, meets weekly at 10am Mountain time March 6 - April 24, is introvert-friendly, gives you lots of support in exploring and formalizing your points of view, and costs $700. If this is of interest, you can sign up here: /pmc-csw-point-of-view