Transformation and emotional growth

Philip Morgan

We can make good business decisions more quickly than we can navigate the emotional growth necessary to support those decisions.

OK, that's not always 100% true.

It's more true when you're engaged in transformation. For example:

  • Transforming from generalist to specialist
  • Transforming your pricing model from cost to value
  • Implementing something that sounds good on paper ("you should start giving talks to raise your visibility") but requires facing emotional issues ("I feel weird when a roomful of people is looking at me. It feels like they might be judging me!")

When you're optimizing something, it won't require much emotional growth.

In fact, that might be one of the defining characteristics of optimization vs. transformation.

Transformation requires facing emotional discomfort (or the organizational equivalent thereof, if we're talking about an org rather than an individual).

Optimization requires much less of this willingness to face emotional discomfort.

Thanks to Brad Farris for helping me reach some new clarity on this issue.

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Happy Thursday,