Whence a website (or website change)?

Philip Morgan

On a call with a client yesterday, this question came up: when changing business focus, when should the website be updated? Just like a written proposal should be a summary of your conversations with a prospect and it should contain nothing they've not already heard come from your mouth, a website should usually be a summary of conversations you've had with your market. Most of y'all's websites are inconsequential to business development. Not all, and not totally inconsequential, but still. This sets up an interesting dynamic. Changes to your website are actually low stakes changes. So if you prefer, you can use your website as a sort of publicly visible scratchpad to think out loud about changes in your business focus, etc. If you don't quite nail those thinking-out-loud-website-changes, it won't matter a lot. The conversations you have with prospects matter a lot more. This is why in most cases they should preceed website changes. They move the bizdev needle more anyway. And, they help you know what to say on your website when you do update the website. Get closer to point B before you update that website, unless you're sure that the an updated website is needed to facilitate the conversations that get you from A to B. -P