You can't win. Or can you?

If you ever want to read a short, enjoyable biography of an actual hobo, I recommend “You Can’t Win” by Jack Black (no, not that Jack Black): You Can’t Win
It’s a wonderfully interesting read, and I’m close to placing it on my “recommended reading for small business owners” list. Oh, and Wikipedia says it’ll be a movie soon-ish.

Portrait of Jack Black by Edward Weston
This “you can’t win” idea keeps popping up on my perceptual dashboard.
Bill Callahan recorded a wonderful cover of a Kath Bloom song, “The Breeze/My Baby Cries”. There’s this passage from the song:
“Yesterday I talked with my father
He said that we could never win
It’s so hard to tell
Where I end
And my father begins
So if you see me passing by
Please hold me deep in your heart”

• • •

What constitutes winning?
I think there are multiple valid answers, and a variety of contexts in which winning might look different.
For me, in the main, winning is maintaining a healthy average velocity. IIRC, I picked up this lovely way of phrasing it from Shane Parrish.
This defines winning based on inputs that I have more control over rather than outcomes I have less control over. I like that. It’s goal-setting 101, but good to remind ourselves about this anyway.
What does winning look like for you?